Feel Good Cookies, LLC. is a cookie business, but it’s more than just a cookie. Andrew and Sheng founded the business. The brand is all about GRATITUDE and creating stronger relationships. This is how it started…

We are definitely gift-givers. Any gift we give to our friends, family, or clients is always personalized and comes with a “feel good” experience. Our friends and family’s favorite gift is ANDREW’S COOKIES.

So 2022, Sheng went to a business event in Austin, Texas. The coach leading the event talked about the importance of making people feel seen and heard. How do you do that? By building a relationship with them. As Sheng sat there listening to the coach, Sheng thought about the gifting experience Andrew and her gave to their friends.

Before leaving the event, Sheng gathered 15 names that would love to receive a box of cookies. Sheng said a business could be possible if they could create the same experience they gave to their friends to complete strangers she had just met. And that is how Feel Good Cookies was born.

We believe gifting is one of the best ways to practice gratitude and strengthen relationships. Also, it’s good for your mental health. Our standards: create baked goods that feel like they came out of your friend, grandma, or mom’s kitchen with a handwritten love note. It’s personalized, modern, and simple to send.

“The most delicious gratitude on earth!”